Makkar hospital

Makkar Multispeciality Hospital is one of the reliably pinnacle names in medication and healthcare; that is situated in heart of East Delhi. We have accommodating strength of 50 bedded multispecialty facility. We intricately understand the very need and delicacies of the healthcare and medication service. Keeping all mandatorily requisite service of healthcare in mind, we provide feasibly qualitative service of healthcare excellence in all execution of sophisticated dealing.

The key ingredient of healthcare organization is reliably based on ethos of ‘PREVENTION’ that must ultimately be manifested through sustainable community service, we periodically organize free medical camps & checkups to bring awareness about the significance of community wellness & sensitization of healthcare issues in the country. Started in 2009, the hospital has amicably assured par degree of comfort, compassion and devoted service of medication and healthcare since last 7 years. We always have better benevolent intent towards financially and socially weaker section of communities belonging to poorer and unprivileged section of society after granting them financially aid and free check up facility.

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