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General Surgery

  • General Surgery is a branch of restorative science that spotlights on stomach organs i.e. esophagus, stomach, small bowel, colon, liver, pancreas, gallbladder and bile ducts, and often the thyroid gland. They are also concerned with diseases involving the skin and hernias.
  • The Department of General Surgery is well arrayed to handle all general surgical elective and emergent cases. It is supported by advanced medical equipment and facilities to provide an exceptional success in executing most complex surgeries.CONSULT the Best General Surgeon In Delhi +91 9555883399.@Makkar Multi Specialty Hospital.
  • Surgeries include abdominal aneurysm repair, abdominal aortic bypass, appendectomy, bowel resections, carotid endarterectomy (stroke prevention), gall bladder procedures, prostatectomy, and treatment of benign and malignant breast disease, just to a name a few.


Best General Surgeon In Delhi Specialization includes:-

  • Gall-Bladder Stones
  • Hernia
  • Appendix
  • Intestinal & Other Organs
  • Robotic Surgery

Intestinal & Other Organs

Other diseases like tumour in stomach, intestine, kidney, pancreas, adrenal gland etc. can all be managed with laparoscope.

If you are facing the any one of the problem immediate book the appointment for Best General Surgeron In Delhi.and he is Maintain the world record. He is removed the 20 kG TUMOR.


Reference section It is a minimal organ show on the correct side of lower guts connected to digestive system. At the point when there is swelling in this organ it prompts serious agony on right lower side of stomach area. It is determined to have blood tests and ultrasound and a few times with CT-examine stomach area.

Treatment again is surgery which is likewise finished with laparoscope.


  • Hernia is shortcoming of muscle prompting swelling which decreases while resting and returns on standing or hacking or lifting anything. Once in a while this swelling moves toward becoming non-reducible if hernia is left for long time and after that it requires dire surgery.
  • Hernia can happen anyplace in the body however most normal locales are inquinal district simply over the thigh (inguinal hernia), around umbilicus (umbilical hernia) and at surgical region of some surgery done beforehand (incisional hernia).
  • Hernia requires repair of defect with mesh. This surgery is also done with laparoscope with all the same advantages like-tiny holes, minimal or no pain and early resumption to work.

If you are having a Gall Bladder Stones problem Consult the Best Surgeon In East Delhi +91 9555883399.

Gall Bladder Stones

  • Gall bladder it is an organ show underneath the liver, it helps away of bile which helps in the assimilation of fat taken in sustenance. Most normal issue or malady of irk bladder is nearness of single or numerous stones of fluctuating sizes. In the event that there are various stones then surgery is must. However, in lone stones it depends whether stone is causing some issue or not and if the individual is experiencing some other illness.
  • Regular side effects of Gall bladder stones are dyspepsia (sharpness), torment on the correct side of upper stomach area, jaundice.
  • This can be determined more often than not to have ultrasound, MRCP and some blood tests.
  • Treatment of this is surgery requiring removal of gallbladder along with stones. Laproscopic surgery most of the time is done by laparoscope as the advantages are same as that of any other laparoscopic surgery like- tiny cuts with less or no pain, and resumption to work with in one week.

If you are worried about removal of Gall Bladdder Consult the Best Surgeon In East Delhi @ Makkar Multi Specialty Hospital + 91 9555883399.

Robotic Surgery

Automated surgery is a kind of laparoscopic surgery where specialist sits in reassure and controls the developments of a mechanical arm.This surgery is all the more regularly on improved the situation malignancy or urology issues.

It is a painless surgery Consult the Best Surgeon In East Delhi @ Makkar Multi Specialty Hospital + 91 9555883399.

After Post Operative Treatment?

Post-surgical care is overseen by means of care ways, i.e. therapeutic guides that blueprint every one of the means associated with treating and administering to patients. A multidisciplinary group of doctors, medical attendants, specialists, and care coordination staff has contrived the care way. This empowers the professionals to adequately screen advance, and oversee mind. It additionally teaches patients and mitigate them from nervousness by educating them of what’s in store amid treatment and recuperation.
Best Treatment Provided in Makkar Multi Specialty Hospital.
To prevent the infection.
To Provide the Comfortable Environment.
To reduce the pain.etc.
All though point staff should be concerned the under Best Surgeon In Delhi.


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