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Best Gynaecologist in Delhi is Mrs. Shivali Makkar

Best Gynaecologist in Delhi is Mrs. Shivali Makkar who is also the owner of Makkar Multispeciality Hospital situated in East Delhi.Gynecologist or gynecology is the restorative work on managing the strength of the female regenerative frameworks and the bosoms. Outside pharmaceutical, the term signifies “the art of ladies”.A gynecologist treats the general soundness of their female patients, treating issues and ailments of the female regenerative framework, for example, bosom and hormonal issues, urinary tract, and pelvic issue, and tumor of the cervix. Frequently than not, a gynecologist is an obstetrician too.

Facilities and Services at Makkar Multispeciality Hospital:-

1. Makkar MultiHospital is sterile and neatness is taken care of the need in Makkar Hospital.

2. Makkar Multi Specialty Hospital utilizes the most recent innovation for a conveyance of the beloved newborn.

3. The healing facility contains a completely outfitted work live with specialists headed by Dr. Shivali Makkar (gynecologist and obstetrician) for the conveyance of the infant, the healing facility claims a neonatal concentrated unit also.

4. Likewise, you have any fruitlessness issues you can contact Dr. Shivali Makkar.

5. The Hospital has 95% fulfillment rate with every one of the cases dealt with adoration and care.

6. Additionally, the Department of Gynecology manages the strength of the female conceptive frameworks and the bosoms.

7. Aside from medication, the term signifies “the art of ladies”. Its partner is andrology, which manages restorative issues particular to the male regenerative framework.

In the event that you are searching for Best Gynaecologist in Delhi counsel a Dr. Shivali Makkar, a most mainstream specialist.Being a gynecologist/obstetrician she comprehends every single factor related to pregnancy.

she takes after every one of the methods of treatment in the wake of having a profound handle on the patient history and continues her analysis, therapeutic test, and treatment in like manner.

At Makkar Hospital you can likewise take an arrangement for the female issue or most regular gynae issues like:

  • Ovarian blisters.
  • Pelvic torment.
  • Endometriosis.
  • Uterine fibroids.
  • Polycystic ovarian disorder (PCOS)
  • Skin breaks out and anomalous female hair conveyance.
  • Genital tract diseases.
  • Vulva and vagina skin issue and so forth.

    To Make an appointment best gynaecologist in Delhi

    Contact:  +91 9555883399

    For the best Gynaecologist is Delhi – Mrs. Shivali Makkar

    Makkar Multispeciality Hospital

    Address: A 1,2, Priyadarshini Vihar
    Phone :(011) 2246 2221,431017929
    Fax :(011)224669

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