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Substitution arthroplasty (from Greek arthron, joint, appendage, verbalize, + plassein, to shape, form, manufacture, fake, make a picture of), or joint substitution surgery, is a system of orthopedic surgery in which a ligament or useless joint surface is supplanted with an orthopedic prosthesis. Joint substitution is considered as a treatment when serious joint torment or brokenness isn’t mitigated by less-obtrusive treatments. It is a type of arthroplasty and is regularly demonstrated by different joint infections, including osteoarthritis and rheumatoid joint inflammation.

Types of Joint Replacements


Primary article: Shoulder substitution

Forbear substitution, there are a couple of major ways to deal with getting to the shoulder joint. The first is the deltopectoral approach, which spares the deltoid, yet requires the supraspinatus to be cut.[3] The second is the transdeltoid approach, which gives a straight on approach at the glenoid. Be that as it may, amid this approach the deltoid is put in danger of potential damage.[3] Both methods are utilized, contingent upon the specialist’s inclinations.


Principle article: Hip substitution

An aggregate hip substitution comprises of supplanting both the hip bone socket and the femoral head while hemiarthroplasty for the most part just replaces the femoral head. Hip substitution is at present the most well-known orthopedic task, however, understanding fulfillment short-and long haul fluctuates broadly.

best joint replacement surgery hospital in Delhi


Principle article: Knee substitution

Knee substitution includes the presentation of the front of the knee, with separation of part of the quadriceps muscle (vastus medialis) from the patella. The patella is dislodged to the other side of the joint, permitting introduction of the distal end of the femur and the proximal end of the tibia. The finishes of these bones are then precisely sliced to shape utilizing slicing guides arranged to the long hub of the bones. The ligaments and the front cruciate tendon are expelled; the back cruciate tendon may likewise be removed.

Lower Leg

Fundamental article: Ankle substitution

Lower leg substitution is turning into the treatment of decision for patients requiring arthroplasty, supplanting the regular utilization of arthrodesis, i.e. combination of the bones. The rebuilding of the scope of movement is the key component for lower leg supplanting as for arthrodesis.


Finger joint substitution.

Finger joint substitution is a generally speedy technique of around 30 minutes, however, requires a while of ensuing therapy.

The benefit of Joint Replacement Surgery

If a knee or hip joint is painful and restricting your mobility, you might be considering joint replacement surgery. You’d be in good company: Every year, more than a million Americans have a knee or hip joint replaced. … The immediate benefits are less pain and more mobility, but surgery is usually a last-option choice.

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