Makkar Multispeciality Hospital is focused on neonatal care. Each delivery is supported by the Department of neonatology which provides special Neonatal care at Makkar Multispeciality Hospital, which comprises of a well-experienced team of neonatologists, intensive care specialists and anesthetists to take care of your newborn – bundle of joy. The specialists are also well trained and equipped to handle any complications such as – preterm delivery, infections, breathing difficulties, to list a few. All units of Neonatal care at Makkar Multispeciality Hospital adhere to the international standards of developmentally supportive care – a specialized medical approach to handle the sick and fragile newborn babies.

At Neonatal care at Makkar Multispeciality Hospital, the state of the art level III Neonatal –NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) is implemented with the latest technology :

  1. Incubator Care
  2. Conventional Ventilators
  3. Multifunctional Monitors
  4. Blood Gas Analyzer
  5. Noninvasive Positive Pressure Ventilation (NIPPV)
  6. Dedicated Nasal CPAP devices
  7. Servo Controlled Digital Open Care Warmers
  8. Digital Syringe & Infusion Pumps.
  9. Double Surface Photo Therapy

NICU at Makkar Multispeciality Hospital has been designed keeping in mind the necessities of the neonates. The supporting staff and nurses are all trained to handle the fragile bundles of joy with care and compassion in compliance with the international standards of developmentally supportive care, laying stress on the importance of sound, light, and handling.

The Department of Neonatal care at Makkar Multispeciality Hospital is well supported by the case of the art incubators and warmers, making sure that the child feels safe and protected. The Department of Neonatal care at Makkar Multispeciality Hospital is well established to handle cases of premature, precious deliveries and twin deliveries, along with assuring all aspects of infection control and quality.

To support the mother post-delivery, Neonatal care at Makkar Multispeciality Hospital offers a range of specialized care programs that aim at counseling, training and orienting the new mother & family on essential aspects associated with infant care.

  1. Lactation Counselling
  2. Baby Massage
  3. Toddler Care are few specialized programs that train the mother to provide the proper care and support to her child.

INCUBATOR CARE – Neonatal care at Makkar Multispeciality Hospital

The procedure which is followed to provide protection and care to neonates or ill and premature babies by using an incubator is what Incubator Care refers to. Newborn babies need to have a body temperature ranging in between 36.5 to 37.2 degree Celsius. Newborn babies may tend to lose body heat through different processes like convection, conduction, and radiation. The babies born with a low weight or as a result of premature birth have higher risks of hypothermia, hypotonia, hypoglycemia, asphyxia, respiratory distress and so on. Hence it becomes essential to provide them with a thermoneutral environment which is what incubators do.

Let’s understand What are incubators?

Incubators are equipment that is brought into use for the intensive care of infants which keeps the newborn away from pathogens while keeping them warm. Such devices maintain an optimal temperature required by the baby along with humidity, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels. An incubator such as a transport incubator consists of an inbuilt oxygen supply unit, mini ventilator, IV pump, cardio-respiratory unit and pulse oximeter. Multiple types of incubators include closed, open, portable, non-portable, double-walled, etc.

When or why are the Incubators required for the newborn?

An incubator care facility may be required in the following conditions:

  1. When the infant is not able to generate the required body heat
  2. The baby is born early
  3. The baby has an infection
  4. Newborn is acutely ill and requires to be kept under observation
  5. For transporting the newborn from health unit or hospital to another
  6. If the infant has undergone some surgery and needs special care
  7. When an infant runs the risk of getting an infection or abnormal heat loss.

Neonatal care at Makkar Multispeciality Hospital is the best care a child can get. Also, the newborn will enter the world with the bundle of joys as all the facilities including NICU is available at Makkar Multispeciality Hospital.

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