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Makkar Multispeciality Hospital – Best Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine in Delhi

Being a pediatrician is a considerable responsibility involving the kid’s as well as the parent’s prosperity. A child care specialist or a pediatrician guarantees that your child is sound and infection free. We comprehend this duty as much as you do, and take most extreme care of your little one, pre and post birth. Get here the appointment in Best Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine in Delhi 2018 including their contact, facilities offered, these pediatric hospitals take care of kids.

Best Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine in Delhi copy

He has an extraordinary affection towards children, as the same is incredibly very much reflected in his devotion and worry towards them and his work in a field of childcare. India’s renowned Makkar Multispeciality of Advanced Pediatrics has been recognized as the Best Child Specialist Hospital in Delhi, India.

Dr. Ashish Makkar child new born specialist pediatrician in Delhi – Best Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine in Delhi.

With our expert, we make a point to give your child the best care with every one of the delicacies. The Child Care Hospital is all around prepared and accommodates any restorative guide that might be required for the child. The specialization being pediatrics, we treat and tend to newborns, infants, children and adolescents in sickness and health for their assessment and treatment. Get here the appointment in Best Children Hospitals in East Delhi 2018 including their contact, facilities offered, these pediatric hospitals take care of kids.

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SERVICES – Best Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine in Delhi

Pediatric Infectious Diseases:

Babies, kids and young people with severe and interminable irresistible maladies are being dealt with under exceptional restorative care.

Child Development:

  • Guiding and Therapies for overseeing and treating learning and discourse issue, extreme introvertedness, ADHD and other formative disorders.

Pediatric Pulmonology/Allergy/Immunology:

  • Children with respiratory disorders are dealt with under the ambit of current innovation. We give aspiratory work testing (PFT), hypersensitivity testing, bronchoscopy, and pediatric radiology administrations.

Child Neurology:

  • Advanced brain imagining facilities are accessible for legitimate assessment and observing of patients. Our Neurologists have high skill in pediatric epilepsy, migraine, neuro-oncology and different infections influencing mental health.

Pediatric Cardiology:

  • Having an inheritance of 20 years in Cardiac Care, we practice best in the treatment of inherent or procured pediatric coronary illness and pediatric heart medical procedure.

Pediatric Endocrinology:

  • Particular expertise is accessible for treatment of diabetes, development and metabolic bone issue and youth heftiness.

Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition:

  • Children with esophageal, gastrointestinal, liver, pancreatic and nutritional disorders are dealt with under the exhaustive branch of Gastroenterology, and GI Surgery has famous specialists and modern innovation.

Pediatric Nephrology:

  • Newborn children and children with complicated kidney maladies and urologic conditions are dealt with by best doctors with ultra present day innovation.

Pediatric Hematology & Oncology:

  • Children with an extensive variety of fundamental and obtained blood issue including Thalassemia are being given the best treatment.

Special Services – Makkar Multispeciality Hospital:

  • General Pediatrics
  • Counseling of Adolescents
    Counseling of Parents About Children Rearing and Parenting
  • Breast Feeding Techniques and Promotion
  • Community and Social Pediatrics
  • Immunization/Vaccination Services

Appointments and Location – Best Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine in Delhi

Makkar Multispeciality Hospital 

Address :A 1,2, Priyadarshini Vihar


Telephone :(011) 2246 2221,431017929

Fax :(011)22466992

Contact Makkar Multi-strength Hospital For 24Hrs Lab benefit in East Delhi

Makkar Multi-claim to fame Hospital is appraised as the best Lab Service Provider in East Delhi. Contact +91-9555883399


  • Doctor’s facility Opening Hours 24X7
  • Monday—Friday (OPD): 11:00AM– 2:00PM
  • Saturday and Sunday (OPD): 11:00AM– 3:00PM

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