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With ever changing trends in medical care Makkar Multi-Speciality Hospital has also evolved in the last 2 decades. Makkar Hospital today is a comprehensive superspecialty hospital with tertiary care services. We aim to provide excellent nursing care which is the backbone of good health care. We have a team of dedicated and highly skilled doctors who are committed towards their services to mankind. A good service can only be rendered when ample individual attention is given to cater to the health concerns. Makkar Hospital is a hospital of experienced and ethical Doctors with a clear vision and with their sincere effort it has been possible for us to mountain standards comparable with those of renowned hospitals in the east delhi city.

The task before me is a daunting and demanding task to ensure that the accreditation status of all our training programmes is regained and maintained. In the recent past the Hospital has given priority to improving the quality and standard of service In the coming year, the Makkar Hospital will focus on two initiatives to improve patient care services: Making the hospital more patient-friendly (through SMS reminders to patients).

In keeping with its tertiary-care character, the hospital has expanded and upgraded its critical care facilities and high-tech equipments. The various specialities and sub-specialities have also continuously improved our in-house capacity and have made East Delhi's largely sufficient in terms of medical care. I hope that, with the dedication of our staff, Makkar Multi-Speciality Hospital will work towards a higher level of excellence, keep abreast with the ever changing medical technology, in the Delhi.

Makkar Multispeciality Hospital

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