Admission Process

Patient Care Zone

The front office staff at the gathering will help you amid the confirmation procedure. They will create a Unique Identification Number (UID) for the patient and all the medicinal records will be kept up and put away by the doctor’s facility for all future reference. They will likewise draw out a gauge and guide you for choosing the important classification of room.

Hospital gowns

To prevent infection and for convenience during appointment, all patients admitted to the hospital are asked to wear a specified hospital gown . If you wish to wear garments other than the specified hospital gown, please bring the garments with you. Hospital gowns are exchanged three times a week during summer and twice a week at other times.

Patient Detail

Before the person is taken to their room, admitting procedures are performed. The person’s personal data is recorded and entered into the hospital’s computer system. This data may include: Name ,Address , Home and work telephone number, date of birth, place of employment occupation emergency contact information, or the names and telephone numbers of those individuals the hospital should contact if the person being admitted needs emergency .

What’s more, you will be required to make a propel installment. The progress should be balanced against the last bill at the season of release. Those looking for the cashless course would need to visit the protection work area/TPA work area for the hospitalization of the patient. The staff will escort the patient to the assigned room/overnight boardinghouse you feel great.